Our Services

Integrations with Paperback Shop is completed and tested with the help of our own, highly experienced, Integration Team. We have designed our systems to be highly flexible and adaptable. Full on-boarding documentation and assistance for EDI ordering is provided.

We can offer P&A feeds on a daily or hourly basis to provide you with current and accurate data on stock quantities and availability.

Bulk Ordering

Our Bulk Orders/Freight team handle up to 100,000 items per week using our own dedicated software, systems and equipment. Books are packed carefully and securely in boxes before being palletised and weighed. Orders can be shipped daily or consolidated and shipped at optimum frequency (depending on volumes) to reduce cost. All customs documentation is prepared and included as required. We can ship to any country worldwide, or to a UK freight forwarder of your choice if you prefer.

We can keep you up to date on the status of your orders by providing acknowledgements, ship notices and invoices via EDI.

CDF Ordering

Our dedicated team packs and dispatches up to 100,000 books a week using versatile state of the art software, systems and equipment. Years of experience in shipping individual books has allowed us to select and develop packing materials which are light and cost efficient without compromising the protection of the book.

It is possible for us to incorporate your branding if required.