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Mark Forsyth's new book The Elements of Eloquence - Published 7th November 2013

From the back of the Book:

The idiosyncratic, erudite and brilliantly funny new book from Mark Forsyth.

Mark Forsyth talks about his new book Elements of Eloquence, out now:

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Catherine Alliott's new novel My Husband Next Door - Published 1st August 2013

From the back of the Book:

When Ella married the handsome, celebrated artist Sebastian Montclair at just nineteen she was madly in love. Now, those blissful years of marriage have turned into the very definition of an unconventional set-up. Separated in every way but distance, Sebastian resides in an outhouse across the lawn from Ella's ramshackle farmhouse.

Victoria from our Customer Care Department says:

A whitty tale of family life mixed with countryside humour... A dishy gardener lust, A demanding mother and all else that goes on in life! A Must Read... It will have you laughing out loud.

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Louise Doughty's new novel Apple Tree Yard - Published 6th June 2013

From the back of the Book:

A stunning psychological thriller about a respected female scientist and the single reckless decision that leads to her standing trial for murder.

Louise Doughty introduces Apple Tree Yard:

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John le Carre's new novel A Delicate Truth - Published 25th April 2013

From the back of the Book:

A counter-terror operation, codenamed Wildlife, is being mounted in Britain's most precious colony, Gibraltar. Its purpose: to capture and abduct a high-value jihadist arms-buyer. Its authors: an ambitious Foreign Office Minister, and a private defence contractor who is also his close friend. So delicate is the operation that even the Minister's Private Secretary, Toby Bell, is not cleared for it.

Suspecting a disastrous conspiracy, Toby attempts to forestall it, but is promptly posted overseas. Three years on, summoned by Sir Christopher Probyn, retired British diplomat, to his decaying Cornish manor house, and closely watched by Probyn's daughter Emily, Toby must choose between his conscience and his duty to the Service.

Margaret from our IT Department says:

A Delicate Truth opens with a classic Le Carre set-piece, Operation Wildlife, a top-secret mission to the rock of Gibraltar. However the cast of characters, while familiar in type to the Le Carre reader are working for forces as yet unclear. The theme is the international intelligence marketplace, where secrets are bought and sold to the highest, or most daring, bidder. The covert seizure of an arms-dealing Mr Big is seen through the eyes of that stock-in-trade, the quintessential Englishman, a certain Paul Anderson. But Wildlife was "an utter cock-up" in which two innocent people, a Muslim mother and child, were killed.

Three years later (it's now 2011), one of the soldiers involved reveals this horror and tells the story of the government conspiracy to cover it up, and bury the truth. "Paul Anderson" turns out to be a retired diplomat, Sir Kit Probyn. Together with FO high-flyer Toby Bell, this elderly and confused Englishman slowly comes to terms with the moral challenge presented by the Wildlife disaster. The playing out of the attempts to expose the culprits are classic Le Carre, ratcheting up the tension right to the final page.

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Clare Balding's autobiography My Animal's and Other Family - Published 11th April 2013

From the back of the Book:

My Animals and Other Family by Clare Balding is a funny, brave, tender story of self-discovery

'I had spent most of my childhood thinking I was a dog, and suspect I had aged in dog years.'

Clare Balding grew up in a rather unusual household. Her father a champion trainer, she shared her life with more than 100 thoroughbred racehorses, mares, foals and ponies, as well as an ever-present pack of boxers and lurchers. As a toddler she would happily ride the legendary Mill Reef and take breakfast with the Queen.

She and her younger brother came very low down the pecking order. Left to their own devices, they had to learn life's toughest lessons through the animals, and through their adventures in the stables and the idyllic Hampshire Downs. From the protective Candy to the pot-bellied Valkyrie and the frisky Hattie, each horse and each dog had their own character and their own special part to play.

The running family joke was that "women ain't people". Clare had to prove them wrong, to make her voice heard - but first she had to make sure she had something to say.

Clare Balding is an award-winning broadcaster and writer. She has been a lead presenter for the Olympics, Paralympics, Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games. For more than twelve years, she has hiked across the countryside for the BBC Radio 4 series Ramblings. Clare has presented Countryfile, Britain's Hidden Heritage, Britain By Bike, Crufts, and Famous & Fearless, and has appeared on QI, Have I Got News for You and Sport Relief. She has been voted RTS Sports Presenter of the Year and Racing Broadcaster of the Year. She lives in West London with her partner Alice, their wayward Tibetan Terrier Archie and a cat who couldn't give a damn called Itty. My Animals and Other Family is Clare's first book.

Myra from our Customer Care Department says:

This autobiography is well written with a refreshing honesty. I laughed out loud at some of her tales and found tears welling up, reading about some of the sad incidents in her early life. If you love animals and the sport of kings, as I do, you will enjoy this book immensely.

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